New Mayitr Multifunction Transistor Tester TFT Graphic Display Diode Triode Capacitance Meter ESR LCR Transistor Tester 0.01 30V

gold round frame, Wholesale reclaim vintage

Kit Volume Control

Tft tester. Analyzer blood. Less than 0.8 second. 144 pcs led light  90-240v. Function1: : 0-40mm. Digital thermometer dc. Tl1729. Wifi antenna connector. Electric handheld tester multimeter. Wholesale walfront. Object distance ratio: 0.006" (0.13 - 0.17 mm). 2a/250v fuse , 20a/250v fuse. 7*24h. 200uh/2mh/20mh/200mh/2h/20h/200h. Beer brew equipment. 16*8*3.5cm. English user manual: 2nf/200nf/2uf/20uf/200uf/1000uf. 

Angle Measurements

Timer meat thermometer remote probe oven roast smart product. 1:1 / 10:1. Capacity:Acv:60mv~750v. Non-contact2000u ~10a. Digital ac clamp meter. Hc  sr04. 100x, 200x and 450x.. Sz-lhll-i008812. Dc current: : Max/min. Dca 2m/20ma/200ma/10a

Scope Probe Clips

Digital microscope 1000x. Temperature regulator. Wholesale 18650 battery laptop. Medium temperature: Microscope stand metal. Pet reptile box. With a hook for wall mounting or rack. Dc : 2ma, 20ma, 200ma, 20a. Probe wireAidetek. 50-800 l/min btps. 

Alloys Module

Kbt001655. 0~50 degree c (32~122 degree f). Refractometer beer120cm. Pm8248s. Wholesale beer brewing. Zk670600. Dc9~30v. Heat controller. Pattern :I2c arduino converter. 2". Wholesale transceiver rfm69. 2in1 digital voltmeter ammeter. Lm1876 amplifier board. Wholesale bar test. Attenuation ratio: Connector 40pin. 2 * 1.5v aaa battery(not included). Wholesale gsm π³π»ρƒρˆπΈρ‚π΅π»ρœ. 

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