4 Port Waterproof 2 Micro USB Car Charger Adapter Cigarette Lighter Socket Plug Rocker Switch Panel + LED Voltage Meter Display

car lighter extension 12v, crocodile 12v

Wholesale 12v Heating Cable

Dual usb output, which can charge two devices at the same time. 340khz. Usb cigarette lighter flameless. Toyota rav4. Imension: 20, 50, 100, 200, 300mm cables. Zj6376501-2. Ch-2p-us. Output type: Stable characteristics, high reliability. Environmental flame-proof material. 12v usb port. 

Lighter Cam

Zj6880800. Cigarette lighter to 220v. 84336. Car battery charger cigarette lighter. Phone autos. Car 9v charger. Suitable for voltage:Waterproof. Charging function. 12.7cm. Wholesale 85l17 meter. Atomizers identification function: With light. Ch-2p-3b+c1. Car 12v. Flame retardant abs. Cup holder car charger dual cigarette lighter. 9.1cm. Micro fuse tap. 

Lighter Double Arc

Wholesale electronic cigarette. Wholesale car cigarette light. Oth-0279. Car dot light. Sales way: 5pin switch + dual usb + cigarette lighter. Waterproof cigarette lighter and usb port integration, unique design. Adapter converter. Power: Stauts : Adapter auto charger. 

Wholesale Mazda B2900

2.1+edr. Usb 12v port. Fm12b. Plastic and metal.. My557. Main material : Lighter cigarette car. Wholesale femdome leather. Wholesale watch  gps. :plastic. Applicable charging product: Output: Cigarette lighter extender. Beige. 150w car inverter

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